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About Me

I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University, where I work at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. I am advised by Professor Saiph Savage. My evolving research interests are in Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Future of Work, and Crowdsourcing for AI

As a mixed-method researcher, I build and evaluate computational systems to address complex real-world problems. I draw on social and cognitive science theories to guide the design of these tools. My current research project investigates how can we leverage Large Language Models infused systems to facilitate sensemaking for humans. 

During my undergraduate, I also worked as a Research Assistant intern at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-Madras) and Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B).

Prior to joining the Ph.D. program, I built my social enterprise, Majdoors, an online gig platform for unorganized construction gig workers in India.

I believe research thrives through collaboration and co-learning. If you're interested in working together, please reach out!
I am open to mentoring undergrads/masters students for CS Ph.D. programs. If you feel like you lack exposure and experience, Please send me an email. 


CSCW 2023


Attending CSCW 23 and presenting my position paper on “Fostering Pluralism in Computer Science, especially in Generative AI.” We also pondered upon how to engage diverse stakeholders in research and methodological challenges in conducting diverse research.

NSF Future of Work at Human-Technology Frontier


Presenting my research work at NSF Future of Work at Human-Technology Frontier.

A conversation about Generative-AI and labor economics with Daron Acemoglu and Saiph Savage

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